Host new favorite A3 know you more! – Goldhorn DSD cloud host A3, starting listed!


On July 17, the new product of the DSD cloud host -A3 was fully listed!

To promote the development of car audio industry, and to lead the car audio host change is always the goal and mission of the company. In this goal,Goldhorn has launched cloud host H1, H1 Pro, A1, A2 and the first car control function in industry since 2016, and each product and its function bring different surprise to the different owners . What are the surprises of the appearance of A3 ?

High and low level output can satisfy more car owners.

The DSD cloud host A3 has several core functions of navigation – the sound quality exceeds the same price CD host; Parsing DSD file maximum support DSD256; The sampling rate is as high as 768KHz/32bit; Contains millions of the original non-destructive music library; Supports WiFi music original file transferring; Supports the original car side control; Wireless remote control ; Supports video output; Supports external equipment,etc.

In addition to the above functions, A3’s unique two points contains: Firstly, the high-power digital amplifier is added in the core hardware ,it enhance the host’s output power in the premise of ensuring stability., can push the market all kinds of high-quality speakers The Second, A3 also has 6 RCA output, and the 6-way output can be combined with the post-level products to meet the diverse needs of a variety of needs.

According to the relevant person in charge of Goldhorn, the original A1and A2 products was used in the market segmentation, and A3 is to make up for the market segment on the basis of the first two products,to meet the needs of more owners of the conversion, so that more owners can enjoy high quality music.

Mature and stable, suitable for diversification

Mature technology and stable performance is the guarantee of Goldhorn’s DSD cloud host A3, the Hi – End effect of high quality is the most effective tools for it, and to build diversified consumer demand upgrade for different owners is its soul!

The first conversion straight push horn

A3 built-in Class-D digital amplifier, with 4 * 40W rated power, can promote the various types of speakers on the market! Through the special wiring harness pair, the original car line will not be damaged, not only can achieve a lossless modification, but also significantly improve the sound quality. And its 6-way RCA low-level output also can meet the follow-up of the vast upgrade space!

Combined modification

Most of the car owners will have their own mental budget before the modification, how to achieve the best effect in the budget, the equipment combination is the key! If your budget is within 6,000 yuan, then A3 will be your best choice after speakers and soundproofing. Because A3 is not only a high quality audio source, but also has built-in high power digital amplifier and non-destructive winding platform. The combination of horn and sound insulation +A3 is superior to other solutions in the same price range.

Cost-effective modification

What kind of modification is high cost performance to refit? Of course,less cost, good effect! If you want to achieve a better performance of the front, back, and bass, the conventional method requires at least a 2-channel amplifier and a 4-way amplifier. For installation of A3 owners, the use of A3 built-in amplifier to promote sound field and the outer power amplifier drive before the sound field and bass, such a modification scheme allows you to save more of the cost of the power amplifier. Saving the cost is the last word!

High quality demand

It is believed that many car friends are enthusiasts for high-end sound quality, and the A3 hi-end quality is better than A1 in the DSD cloud host and is close to H1pro, which is the best choice for the pursuit of sound quality.


电   源 • DC 11V-16V
Hi-End级硬件设计 • AK4490,AKM Hi-End级768KHz/32bitDAC芯片

• OPA2604顶级运放

• 音频专用电容

• 4核A7CPU,内嵌高端专用音频解码算法

支持音频格式 • 高清:DFF/DSF



支持音频采样率 • PCM:44.1KHz~768KHz/16~32bit

• DSD:DSD64/DSD128/DSD256

功   率 • 功率:80W*4Max.
DSP(音效处理) • 15段EQ调节

• 8种场景预设模式

• 4声道平衡/延时调节

视频接口 • 1路CVBS视频输出(NTSC制式)
音频接口 •  6声道RCA输出


智能控制 • 原车声音自动切换

• 原车方向盘控制

• 2.4Ghz无线遥控

• 手机APP

WIFI转输 • 802.11b/g/n
U  S  B • Usb2.0 HOST  x 2

• MINI USB  x 1