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Fujian Goldhorn Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of research and development, production, sales and service , with strong professional technique and perfect research and development environment. The enterprise has been appraised as provincial enterprise technology center, innovation enterprise, intellectual property superiority enterprise,strategic emerging industry backbone enterprise, enterprise engineering technology research center in Fujian province, and has the national authorized patent 50 Pieces.


The predecessor of Fujian Goldhorn Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is Shida Digital Appliance Co., Ltd,since 1995 it began to research and develop VCD / DVD products and audio-visual products for home fever. So far,it has researched and developed various types of audio decoder, SACD, DSD players and other family HIFI-class products for the top European and international audio brands,among which the DSD player became a hot product of US CES exhibition for HIFI music in 2016, which is well known in European and American markets.

In 2004, Fujian Goldhorn Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Fuzhou Simate Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) is established on the basis of Shida Digital Appliance Co., Ltd.Based on the family HIFI products, the products is extended to the automotive electronics, mobile terminals and industry application information systems and other industries.

In the field of automotive electronics, Goldhorn deeply masters the embedded system, the system architecture of IOT(Internet of things),automotive bus standards and other key core technologies, has more than 40 patents and more than 20 software copyrights.As part of SGMW navigation,the market share of Goldhorn ranked first,and is moving for vehicle network,front loading car factory ,etc.Goldhorn won the honor of the top 10 national brandsin automobile electronics industry.


Since 2014,Goldhorn set together the superiority of three product lines,namely family HIFI products, automotive electronics, mobile Internet products,and took 2 years built the DSD cloud host series products.In 2016,it won the annual innovation product award in automotive electronics industry,car electronic innovation award of auto market aftermarket goldsmith award in China, champion of MECA car audio challenge in China, champion of IASCA Wang king of kings finals , second in the EMMA China finals and many other awards.

Goldhorn form the core values of “seeking truth from facts,simplicity,honest,enthusiasm,and mutual benefit” in practice,and will continue to guide the Goldhorn staffs uphold the mission of “creating value for the community,creating happiness for the staff”.Goldhorn will make unremitting efforts to build a high-tech enterprise which can grow bigger and stay longer.

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