Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the 13th anniversary of Goldhorn!

Rongcheng in June,what a nice day!  To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the establishment of Goldhorn, carry forward the corporate spirit of “seeking truth from facts, simplicity, integrity, passion and win-win”, advocate teamwork, happy sports and enhance the intimacy between colleagues, and thanks to friends’accompany and what they have done , Goldhorn organizes a colorful garden activities on June 9 in Fuzhou Hercynian National Hi-Tech Park, for everyone !


Previously, Mr. Wang Guangcan, chairman of the board published an article named”to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the company”, proposed the strategies that combine the high-end blue ocean industry and the mass industry . In the car audio industry, the layout of the blue sea was formed by using the strategy of occupying the terminal market, and the business base of Goldhorn was established.Goldhorn will use the “special path” to develop popular, large-scale industry, enhance the thirteen year value with more open mode,and create value for the community with strong business.

Ms. Tang Xiuhua, the general manager of Goldhorn,made an important speech to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the company. She said”For 13 years, Goldhorn has been constantly innovating and developing.From ODM to its own brand, the company has developed and produced a lot of valuable products for the world”.And she also shared the experience that she got visiting to a number of Silicon Valley business.She said,as long as the staff of Goldhorn people stay true to the mission, maintain the spirit of the startup, and make creative effort, the company will provide the opportunity to realize their own value, create value for the community with strong business,and create happiness for the staff.

In order to encourage employees to develop with company,the company gives the staff have worked for five years and seven years pure silver and gold emblem each year,and this year there are 12 employees won the award!At the celebration, Mr. Wang guangcan, the company’s chairman, Mr. Lin kui, deputy general manager, and Ms. Wang shaowei presented them with badges,and the staff of the company extended their congratulations to them with warm applause!



The company’s deputy general manager, Lin hui and wang shaowi, have issued a silver badge for employees who have been in the company for five years


Wang guangcan, chairman of the company, awarded the gold badge to employees who had been in the company for seven years

Cutting the cake and sing birthday song, to celebrate the company’s 13th birthday!



The chairman, Mr. Wang guangcan, was making a wish.

There are many games in garden party,such as tug of war,”You perform,I guess”,”calling number”,clamp table tennis,loop game.The whole staff is fully engaged in these interesting games.The scene was very lively and interesting,and everyone spent a relaxing and funny afternoon together.



Through the way of tug-of-war, the health and vitality of the Goldhorn staff are displayed, and the cohesion and centripetal force of the team are aroused!


Rich bonus

Goldhorn’s 13th anniversary celebration activities ends with teamwork, fun and happy atmosphere. With the vision of the future of the company, all employees express their willingness to make their own contribution to the development of Goldhorn.