DSD Player A2

With 20 years of HIFI audio, 12 years of digital information network, and 6 years of automotive electronics accumulation , the company successfully developed a breakthrough car audio modification bottlenecks of subversive products– DSD cloud machine ,after overcame research and development one after more than a year.

H1 and H1 Pro products are widely recognized in the industry through market verification. In order to meet the demand of more car owners, we have introduced A series of products with high cost performance.

A high cost effective audio source with hi-end quality audio!

A combination of professional is the best, and make the finishing point for the car audio system!

The product chooses international Hi – End level components, supports the high and low level input, optical fiber, coaxial output, DSD nondestructive playing , vast legal condition, remote control/video/mobile phone convenient manipulation,is compatible with a variety of nondestructive music formats, and supports large capacity hard drives.Moreover ,it becomes the perfect Hi -end system with a combination of DSP machine.