DSD Player A3

The DSD player A3 has several core functions of navigation – the sound quality exceeds the same price CD host; Parsing DSD file maximum support DSD256; The sampling rate is as high as 768KHz/32bit; Contains millions of the original non-destructive music library; Supports WiFi music original file transferring; Supports the original car side control; Wireless remote control ; Supports video output; Support external equipment,etc.

In addition to the above functions, A3’s unique two points contains: Firstly, the high-power digital amplifier is added in the core hardware ,it enhance the host’s output power in the premise of ensuring stability, can push the market all kinds of high-quality speakers The Second, A3 also has 6 RCA output, and the 6-way output can be combined with the post-level products to meet the diverse needs of a variety of needs.The original A1and A2 products was used in the market segmentation, and A3 is to make up for the market segment on the basis of the first two products,to meet the needs of more owners of the conversion, so that more owners can enjoy high quality music.